Co-working space

What do you get and what makes our coworking space different from others:

  • LOCATION - We are in the heart of the city center with a developed public transport structure and close to parking services. Find us on the map
  • WORKING HOURS - If your clients work in another time zone you will have no problems with us. We are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm at no additional cost. We work weekends too! Choose the package of your choice.
  • ERGONOMY - We understand that comfort is crucial for professionals who spend a lot of time working on a computer. Each workplace has a director's comfortable armchair, backrest, leg rest and palm rest.
  • SCREEN - Do you know of any other "co-working" space that offers a 32-inch IPS screen with a 2k resolution? Each of our desks has one.
  • PERSONAL CASSETTE - Each workplace has a special lockable cassette for storing items.
  • KINDNESS OF OUR STAFF – You are not the last on our priority list like with some of the existing competitors. We do not have a huge number of working desks and therefore each individual place is very important to us. We will always provide optimal conditions for your work.
  • AIR CONDITIONING - Each office is air-conditioned, professionally cleaned, and allows access to the kitchen area.
  • CLEANING - We hire professional cleaners so you can count on top-notch office space.
  • KITCHEN - We have a fully equipped kitchen area.

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Who we are

Nonagon Chartered Accountants d.o.o.

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Where’s our office

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