Gathering of the IT Community

We develop and provide IT solutions for collaboration, project management, IAS 19 employee benefit calculations, IFRS 16 calculations for leases accounting. We also develop other IT solutions upon client's request.

We offer special benefits to entrepreneurs, IT professionals, designers and freelancers. We gather the IT community professionals in one place and share experiences and organize classrooms helping the entire IT community and entrepreneurs through networking. We have focused on the IT community due to recent changes and new legal solutions for entrepreneurs who are tectonically changing the current business model. The IT community has become one of the most important in Serbia and we strongly believe it represents the future of all business. Although our specialty, we also provide services to other entities in other industries and individuals, as well.

We list some of the frequent questions that bother most IT experts.

What is a “test of independence” and what are the consequences?

What is a stake option and how does it work in practice?

Do I have to pay VAT for Facebook advertising even though I am not registered for VAT?

Can I refund VAT on the equipment I purchased?

Do I need to have a Systematization Act and/or an Occupational Safety and Health Act?

What other obligations do I have under the law?

What tax benefits can I count on and how do I apply for one?

What does a tax and/or market inspector check and how do I get ready for tax control?

What documentation do I submit, where and when for:

  • Registration and shutdown of the company, entrepreneurs?
  • Registration and deregistration of employees?
  • VAT questions? Financial statements?
  • Other tax duties and tax controls?

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