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Accounting and taxes

Legal framework

Accounting in Serbia is primarily regulated by the Law on accounting, as well as other legislation, such as Law on Corporate Entities. Legal business entities have an obligation to submit financial statements annually to the relevant State authorities.

Accounting and tax services

Our expert team in Serbia provides accounting services in accordance with relevant regulations and best practices. Accounting includes bookkeeping and financial reporting, i.e. the preparation and submission of final statements complying with all relevant tax aspects. Bookkeeping consists of preparation of financial records in relevant ledgers.

Human Resources (HR)

In the Republic of Serbia, the Labor Law envisages creation of certain HR records and prescribes communication with employees in certain aspects. It also defines employees’ rights prior to employment until termination of employment and certain steps in eventual lawsuits after termination of employment. Our HR services are comprehensive and are designed with the aim to free up client’s time that can devotee to expanding business and increasing profits.

Virtual E-office

Our team of experts provides confidential services that facilitate a complicated administration with the aim of maximizing your free time that you can devote to maximizing and expanding business, such as:

IT Solutions

Our team of IT experts develops software for services that facilitate complicated calculations or monitoring projects aimed at increasing your free time, which you can devote to maximizing and expanding business.

Premium working space

Coworking is a common workspace in which you lease its part or parts for the completion of office business tasks. In it, you also receive full technical support with the possibility of added services. It is common to make acquaintance with a colleague from similar industry and potentially increase your network and partnerships

Please see the benefits of our co-working space.

Business Advisory Services

Our business advisory services are provided by a team of top-quality experts in their fields of expertise. In today’s demanding and ever-changing business environment, we provide advisory services in the field of finance and taxes, digitalization and IT, human resources, organization, and corporate governance.

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