Human Resources (HR)

In the Republic of Serbia, the Labor Law envisages creation of certain HR records and prescribes communication with employees in certain aspects. It also defines employees’ rights prior to employment until termination of employment and certain steps in eventual lawsuits after termination of employment. Our HR services are comprehensive and are designed with the aim to free up client’s time that can devotee to expanding business and increasing profits.

Standard services for staff and personnel solutions include::

  • Creation and management of full personnel records in line with the laws, documenting labor costs and working hours that must be properly protected,

  • Submission of personnel application and records to relevant authorities for tax and social security purposes,

  • Preparation of employment contracts or Annex to the contracts,

  • Calculation of employee benefits (e.g. business travel and similar) including salaries, taxes, contributions, and various other payments made,

  • Preparation of internal acts on systematization, occupational safety, mobbing, personal data protection, assessment of health risks, etc.

  • Advising on the tax aspects of engaged workers,

  • Preparation and delivery of written notifications to employees on behalf of the client,

  • Preparation and delivery of written notifications for holidays and other employee rights,

  • Advising on the possibility of stock and share options,

  • Headhunting services,

  • Event organizing, celebrations and team building events,

  • Activities related to the preparation and issuance of health identity cards,

  • Organization of seminars and webinars regarding HR, e.g., a mandatory annual test regarding fire protection, etc.,

  • Preparation of contracts for the use of business vehicle for private purposes,

  • Notification of foreign citizens to police in accordance with the Law on foreigners, obtaining a work and residence permit, etc.


Human Resources

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